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  • snap :the act of catching an object with the hands
    • Mays made the catch with his back to the plate ማይስ ሕቖኡ ናብ ጻሕሊ ሒዙ ነቲ ምትሓዝ ጌርዎ
    • he made a grab for the ball before it landed ቅድሚ ምዕላባ ንኹዕሶ ምሓዝ ገይሩ
    • Martin's snatch at the bridle failed and the horse raced away ማርቲን ኣብ ልጓም ዝገበሮ መንጢሉ ፈሺሉ እቲ ፈረስ ድማ ተጓየየ
    • the infielder's snap and throw was a single motion እቲ ናይ ውሽጢ ሜዳ ስናፕን ምድርባይን ሓንቲ ምንቅስቓስ እያ ነይራ

    • snap :utter in an angry, sharp, or abrupt tone
      • The sales clerk snapped a reply at the angry customer እቲ ጸሓፊ መሸጣ ነቲ ዝሓረቐ ዓሚል መልሲ ሰንጢቑሉ
      • The guard snarled at us እቲ ሓላዊ ጨደረልና

      • snap :a spell of cold weather
        • a cold snap in the middle of May ኣብ መፋርቕ ወርሒ ግንቦት ዝሑል ስናፕ

        • snap :separate or cause to separate abruptly
          • The rope snapped እቲ ገመድ ተቐንጢጡ
          • tear the paper ነቲ ወረቐት ቀደዶ

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