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  • sensitive :someone who serves as an intermediary between the living and the dead
    • he consulted several mediums ንሓያሎ ማዕከናት ዜና ኣማኺሩ

    • sensitive :responsive to physical stimuli
      • a mimosa's leaves are sensitive to touch ቆጽሊ ሓደ ሚሞሳ ንምትንካፍ ተሃዋሲ እዩ
      • a sensitive voltmeter ተሃዋሲ ቮልትሜተር
      • sensitive skin ተሃዋሲ ቆርበት
      • sensitive to light ንብርሃን ተሃዋሲ እዩ።

      • sensitive :being susceptible to the attitudes, feelings, or circumstances of others
        • sensitive to the local community and its needs ንማሕበረሰብ እቲ ከባቢን ድሌታቱን ተሃዋሲ ምዃኑ’ዩ።

        • sensitive :able to feel or perceive
          • even amoeba are sensible creatures ኣሚባ ከይተረፉ ልቦና ዘለዎም ፍጥረታት እዮም
          • the more sensible parts of the skin እቶም ዝያዳ ልቦና ዘለዎም ክፋላት ቆርበት

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