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  • physical :involving the body as distinguished from the mind or spirit
    • physical exercise ኣካላዊ ምንቅስቓስ
    • physical suffering ኣካላዊ ስቓይ
    • was sloppy about everything but her physical appearance ብዘይካ ኣካላዊ መልክዓ ኣብ ኩሉ ስልችው እያ ነይራ

    • physical :relating to the sciences dealing with matter and energy; especially physics
      • physical sciences ፊዚካዊ ሳይንስ
      • physical laws ፊዚካዊ ሕግታት

      • physical :having substance or material existence; perceptible to the senses
        • a physical manifestation ኣካላዊ መግለጺ
        • surrounded by tangible objects ብዝጭበጡ ነገራት ዝተኸበበ

        • physical :according with material things or natural laws (other than those peculiar to living matter)
          • a reflex response to physical stimuli ንኣካላዊ ምልዕዓላት ዝህብ ሪፍለክስ ምላሽ

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