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  • pace :walk with slow or fast paces
    • He paced up and down the hall ኣብቲ ኣዳራሽ ላዕልን ታሕትን ኢሉ እናተጓዕዘ

    • pace :the distance covered by a step
      • he stepped off ten paces from the old tree and began to dig ካብታ ኣረጊት ገረብ ዓሰርተ ስጉምቲ ወሪዱ ክኹዕት ጀመረ

      • pace :go at a pace
        • The horse paced እቲ ፈረስ እናተጓዕዘ

        • pace :the relative speed of progress or change
          • he lived at a fast pace ብቕልጡፍ ናህሪ ይነብር ነይሩ
          • he works at a great rate ብዓቢ ፍጥነት ይሰርሕ
          • the pace of events accelerated ናህሪ ፍጻመታት ተቐላጢፉ

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