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  • meet :come together
    • I'll probably see you at the meeting ምናልባት ኣብ ኣኼባ ክረኽበካ እየ
    • How nice to see you again! ደጊመ ምርኣየካ ክንደይ ደስ ይብለካ!

    • meet :being precisely fitting and right
      • it is only meet that she should be seated first መጀመርታ ኮፍ ክትብል ጥራይ እዩ ዝሰማማዕ

      • meet :be adjacent or come together
        • The lines converge at this point እቶም መስመራት ኣብዚ ነጥቢ እዚ ይቀራረቡ።

        • meet :fill, satisfy or meet a want or need or condtion ro restriction
          • does this paper meet the requirements for the degree? እዚ ወረቐት እዚ ንዲግሪ ዝኸውን ረቛሒታት የማልእ ድዩ?
          • This job doesn't match my dreams እዚ ስራሕ ምስ ሕልመይ ኣይሰማማዕን
          • meet a need ንሓደ ድሌት የማልእ

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