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  • mechanism :the atomic process that occurs during a chemical reaction
    • he determined unique mechanisms for the photochemical reactions ነቲ ፎቶኬሚካላዊ ምላሽ ዝኸውን ፍሉይ ኣገባባት ወሲኑ

    • mechanism :the technical aspects of doing something
      • a mechanism of social control ሓደ ኣገባብ ማሕበራዊ ምቁጽጻር
      • mechanisms of communication ኣገባባት ርክብ
      • the mechanics of prose style መካኒክስ ቅዲ ንባብ

      • mechanism :a natural object resembling a machine in structure or function
        • the mechanism of the ear ኣገባብ እዝኒ
        • the mechanism of infection ኣገባብ ረኽሲ

        • mechanism :(philosophy) the philosophical theory that all phenomena can be explained in terms of physical or biological causes

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