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  • keen :express grief verbally
    • we lamented the death of the child ሞት እቲ ቆልዓ ሓዚንና።

    • keen :having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions
      • an acute observer of politics and politicians ንፖለቲካን ፖለቲከኛታትን ጽዑቕ ተዓዛቢ
      • incisive comments ቆራጺ ርእይቶታት
      • icy knifelike reasoning በረድ ዝመስል ካራ ዝመስል ምኽንያት
      • as sharp and incisive as the stroke of a fang ከም ውቅዒት መንካዕ በሊሕን ቆራሪጹን
      • penetrating insight ስሉጥ ርድኢት
      • frequent penetrative observations ተደጋጋሚ ስሉጥ ትዕዝብቲ

      • keen :intense or sharp
        • suffered exquisite pain ብሉጽ ቃንዛ ተሳቐየ
        • felt exquisite pleasure ምቁር ደስታ ተሰሚዕዎ።

        • keen :very good
          • he did a bully job ንሱ ናይ ምጽራፍ ስራሕ ሰሪሑ
          • a neat sports car ጽፉፍ ናይ ስፖርት መኪና
          • had a great time at the party ኣብቲ ድግስ ጽቡቕ ግዜ ኣሕሊፉ
          • you look simply smashing you look simply smashing
          • we had a grand old time we had a grand old time

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