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  • ineffectual :not producing an intended effect
    • an ineffective teacher ውጽኢታዊ ዘይኮነ መምህር
    • ineffective legislation ውጽኢታዊ ዘይኮነ ሕጊ

    • ineffectual :producing no result or effect
      • a futile effort ከንቱ ጻዕሪ
      • the therapy was ineffectual እቲ ፍወሳ ውጽኢታዊ ኣይነበረን
      • an otiose undertaking an otiose undertaking
      • an unavailing attempt an availing attempt

      • ineffectual :lacking in power or forcefulness
        • an ineffectual ruler ውጽኢት ዘይብሉ ገዛኢ
        • like an unable phoenix in hot ashes ከም ዘይክእል ፊኒክስ ኣብ ውዑይ ሓሙኽሽቲ

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