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  • hand :the (prehensile) extremity of the superior limb
    • he had the hands of a surgeon ኣእዳው ሓኪም መጥባሕቲ ነበሮ
    • he extended his mitt ሚትኡ ዘርጊሑ

    • hand :place into the hands or custody of
      • hand me the spoon, please ማንካ ሃበኒ በጃኹም
      • Turn the files over to me, please ፋይላት ናባይ ኣረክቡለይ በጃኹም
      • He turned over the prisoner to his lawyers ነቲ እሱር ንጠበቓታቱ ኣረከቦ

      • hand :a hired laborer on a farm or ranch
        • the hired hand fixed the railing እቲ ዝተኻረየ ኢድ ነቲ መከላኸሊ ኣዐረዮ
        • a ranch hand ናይ ራንች ኢድ

        • hand :guide or conduct or usher somewhere
          • hand the elderly lady into the taxi ነታ ብዕድመ ዝደፍአት ሰበይቲ ናብታ ታክሲ ኣረከባ

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