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  • frozen :turned into ice; affected by freezing or by long and severe cold
    • the frozen North the frozen North
    • frozen pipes frozen pipes
    • children skating on a frozen brook ቆልዑ ኣብ በረድ ዝኾነ ሩባ ስኬት ዝገብሩ

    • frozen :absolutely still
      • frozen with horror frozen with horror
      • they stood rooted in astonishment ኣብ ምግራም ሱር ሰዲዶም ደው በሉ።

      • frozen :devoid of warmth and cordiality; expressive of unfriendliness or disdain
        • a frigid greeting ቁሪ ዝመልኦ ሰላምታ
        • got a frosty reception በረድ ዝመልኦ ኣቀባብላ ረኺቦም
        • a frozen look on their faces ኣብ ገጾም ቁሪ ዝመስል መልክዕ
        • a glacial handshake በረድ ዝመስል ምጭብባጥ ኢድ
        • icy stare በረድ ዝመስል ምጥማት
        • wintry smile ክረምታዊ ፍሽኽታ

        • frozen :(used of foods) preserved by freezing sufficiently rapidly to retain flavor and nutritional value
          • frozen foods ኣብ በረድ ዝተቐመጡ መግብታት

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