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  • comfortable :providing or experiencing physical well-being or relief (`comfy' is informal)
    • comfortable clothes ምቹእ ክዳውንቲ
    • comfortable suburban houses ምቹእ ናይ ከባቢ ከተማ ገዛውቲ
    • made himself comfortable in an armchair ኣብ መንበር ቅልጽም ንነብሱ ምቹእ ገይርዋ
    • the antihistamine made her feel more comfortable እቲ ጸረ-ሂስታሚን ዝያዳ ምቹእ ስምዒት ከም ዝስምዓ ገይርዋ
    • are you comfortable? ምቹእ ዲኻ?
    • feeling comfy now? ሕጂ ምቹእ ስምዒት ይስምዓካ?

    • comfortable :free from stress or conducive to mental ease; having or affording peace of mind
      • was settled in a comfortable job, one for which he was well prepared ኣብ ምቹእ ስራሕ ሰፊሩ፣ ጽቡቕ ጌሩ ዝተዳለወሉ
      • the comfortable thought that nothing could go wrong ዝኾነ ነገር ክጋገ ኣይክእልን እዩ ዝብል ምቹእ ሓሳብ
      • was comfortable in his religious beliefs ኣብ ሃይማኖታዊ እምነቱ ምቹእ እዩ ነይሩ
      • she's a comfortable person to be with ምስኣ ክትከውን ምችእቲ ሰብ እያ
      • she felt comfortable with her fiance's parents ምስ ወለዲ ሕጹያ ምቹእ ኮይኑ ተሰሚዕዋ

      • comfortable :more than adequate
        • the home team had a comfortable lead እታ ናይ ገዛእ ርእሳ ጋንታ ምቹእ መሪሕነት ሒዛ

        • comfortable :sufficient to provide comfort
          • a comfortable salary ምቹእ ደሞዝ

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