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  • bring :take something or somebody with oneself somewhere
    • Bring me the box from the other room ካብቲ ካልእ ክፍሊ እታ ሳንዱቕ ኣምጽኡለይ
    • Take these letters to the boss እዘን ደብዳቤታት ናብ ሓላፊ ውሰዳ
    • This brings me to the main point እዚ ናብቲ ቀንዲ ነጥቢ የብጽሓኒ።

    • bring :cause to come into a particular state or condition
      • Long hard years of on the job training had brought them to their competence ነዊሕ ከቢድ ዓመታት ኣብ ስራሕ ስልጠና ናብ ብቕዓቶም ኣምጺእዎም ነይሩ
      • bring water to the boiling point ማይ ናብ ፍልሖ ምምጻእ

      • bring :cause to happen or to occur as a consequence
        • I cannot work a miracle ተኣምር ክሰርሕ ኣይክእልን እየ
        • wreak havoc ዕንወት ከውርድ
        • bring comments ርእይቶታት ኣምጽእ
        • play a joke ዋዛ ክጻወት
        • The rain brought relief to the drought-stricken area ዝናብ ነቲ ብድርቂ ዝተሃስየ ከባቢ እፎይታ ኣምጺኡሉ።

        • bring :go or come after and bring or take back
          • Get me those books over there, please እተን መጻሕፍቲ ኣብኡ ኣምጽኣለይ በጃኻ
          • Could you bring the wine? እቲ ወይኒ ከተምጽእ ትኽእል ዲኻ?
          • The dog fetched the hat እቲ ከልቢ ቆቢዕ ኣምጺኡ

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