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  • base :installation from which a military force initiates operations
    • the attack wiped out our forward bases እቲ መጥቃዕቲ ንናይ ቅድሚት መደበራትና ደምሲስዎም

    • base :use as a basis for; found on
      • base a claim on some observation ንሓደ ክሲ ኣብ ገለ ትዕዝብቲ መሰረት ምግባር

      • base :serving as or forming a base
        • the painter applied a base coat followed by two finishing coats እቲ ቀባኢ መሰረታዊ ሽፋን ስዒቡ ክልተ ናይ ምውዳእ ካቦት ይለኽዮ

        • base :lowest support of a structure
          • it was built on a base of solid rock ኣብ መሰረት ጽኑዕ ከውሒ እዩ ተሃኒጹ
          • he stood at the foot of the tower ኣብ እግሪ እቲ ግምቢ ደው በለ

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