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  • afford :be able to spare or give up
    • I can't afford to spend two hours with this person ምስዚ ሰብ ክልተ ሰዓት ከሕልፍ ዓቕሚ የብለይን።

    • afford :be the cause or source of
      • He gave me a lot of trouble ብዙሕ ሽግር ሂቡኒ
      • Our meeting afforded much interesting information ኣኼባና ብዙሕ መሳጢ ሓበሬታ ሂቡኒ።

      • afford :have the financial means to do something or buy something
        • We can't afford to send our children to college ደቅና ናብ ኮለጅ ክንሰድድ ዓቕሚ የብልናን
        • Can you afford this car? እዛ መኪና ክትገዝእ ትኽእል ዲኻ?

        • afford :afford access to
          • the door opens to the patio እቲ ማዕጾ ናብቲ ፓቲዮ ይኽፈት
          • The French doors give onto a terrace እቶም ፈረንሳውያን ማዕጾታት ናብ ቴራስ ይህቡ

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