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  • leave :the period of time during which you are absent from work or duty
    • a ten day's leave to visit his mother ንኣዲኡ ንምብጻሕ ናይ ዓሰርተ መዓልቲ ዕረፍቲ

    • leave :go away from a place
      • At what time does your train leave? ባቡርካ ኣብ ምንታይ ሰዓት እያ ትብገስ?
      • She didn't leave until midnight ክሳብ ፍርቂ ለይቲ ኣይተበገሰን
      • The ship leaves at midnight እታ መርከብ ፍርቂ ለይቲ እያ ትብገስ

      • leave :permission to do something
        • she was granted leave to speak ክትዛረብ ፍቓድ ተዋሂብዋ

        • leave :go and leave behind, either intentionally or by neglect or forgetfulness
          • She left a mess when she moved out ወጺኣ ምስ ገዓዘት ዕግርግር ገዲፋ
          • His good luck finally left him ሰናይ ዕድሉ ኣብ መወዳእታ ገዲፍዎ
          • her husband left her after 20 years of marriage ሰብኣያ ድሕሪ 20 ዓመት ሓዳር ገዲፍዋ
          • she wept thinking she had been left behind ድሕሪት ዝተረፈት መሲልዋ በኸየት።

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