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  • submit :refer for judgment or consideration
    • The lawyers submitted the material to the court እቶም ጠበቓታት ነቲ ንብረት ናብ ቤት ፍርዲ ኣቕሪቦሞ

    • submit :put before
      • I submit to you that the accused is guilty ተኸሳሲ ገበነኛ ምዃኑ እግዝኣካ ኣለኹ

      • submit :refer to another person for decision or judgment
        • She likes to relegate difficult questions to her colleagues ከበድቲ ሕቶታት ናብ መሳርሕታ ምውራድ ትፈቱ

        • submit :yield to another's wish or opinion
          • The government bowed to the military pressure መንግስቲ ነቲ ወተሃደራዊ ጸቕጢ ሰገደ

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