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  • retain :hold back within
    • This soil retains water እዚ ሓመድ ማይ ይዕቅብ
    • I retain this drug for a long time እዚ መድሃኒት ንነዊሕ ግዜ ይዕቅቦ
    • the dam retains the water እቲ ግድብ ነቲ ማይ ይዕቅቦ

    • retain :allow to remain in a place or position or maintain a property or feature
      • We cannot continue several servants any longer ድሕሪ ሕጂ ሓያሎ ኣገልገልቲ ክንቅጽል ኣይንኽእልን ኢና
      • She retains a lawyer ጠበቓ ትዕቅብ
      • The family's fortune waned and they could not keep their household staff ሃብቲ ስድራቤት እናነከየ ሰራሕተኛ ገዝኦም ክሕዙ ኣይከኣሉን
      • Our grant has run out and we cannot keep you on ዕድጊና ወዲኡ ክንቅጽለኩም ኣይንኽእልን ኢና
      • We kept the work going as long as we could ክሳብ ዝከኣለና እቲ ስራሕ ቀጺልናዮ
      • She retained her composure ንሳ retained her composure
      • this garment retains its shape even after many washings እዚ ክዳን እዚ ዋላ ድሕሪ ብዙሕ ምሕጻብ ቅርጹ ይዕቅብ

      • retain :secure and keep for possible future use or application
        • The landlord retained the security deposit እቲ ዋና ገዛ ነቲ ናይ ውሕስነት ገንዘብ ዓቂቡዎ
        • I reserve the right to disagree ኣነ ናይ ዘይምስምማዕ መሰለይ ዝተሓለወ እዩ።

        • retain :keep in one's mind
          • I cannot retain so much information ክንድዚ ዝኣክል ሓበሬታ ክዕቅብ ኣይክእልን እየ

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