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  • pack :a large indefinite number
    • a battalion of ants ቦጦሎኒ ጻጸ
    • a multitude of TV antennas ብዙሕ ኣንቴናታት ቲቪ
    • a plurality of religions ብዙሕ ሃይማኖታት

    • pack :arrange in a container
      • pack the books into the boxes ነቶም መጻሕፍቲ ኣብ ሳጹናት ዕሽግዎም

      • pack :fill to capacity
        • This singer always packs the concert halls እዚ ደራፋይ ኩሉ ግዜ ኣዳራሻት ኮንሰርት ይዕሽግ
        • The murder trial packed the court house እቲ ናይ ቅትለት ፍርዲ ቤት ፍርዲ ዓሺጉዎ።

        • pack :compress into a wad
          • wad paper into the box ዋድ ወረቐት ናብቲ ሳንዱቕ

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