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  • dry :remove the moisture from and make dry
    • dry clothes ደረቕ ክዳን
    • dry hair ደረቕ ጸጉሪ

    • dry :free from liquid or moisture; lacking natural or normal moisture or depleted of water; or no longer wet
      • dry land ደረቕ መሬት
      • dry clothes ደረቕ ክዳውንቲ
      • a dry climate ደረቕ ክሊማ
      • dry splintery boards ደረቕ ስፕሊንተሪ ቦርድ
      • a dry river bed ደረቕ ዓራት ሩባ
      • the paint is dry እቲ ቀለም ደረቕ እዩ።

      • dry :become dry or drier
        • The laundry dries in the sun እቲ ልብሲ ኣብ ጸሓይ ይነቅጽ

        • dry :humorously sarcastic or mocking
          • dry humor ደረቕ ዋዛ
          • an ironic remark often conveys an intended meaning obliquely ሓደ ስሕተት ዝመልኦ መግለጺ መብዛሕትኡ ግዜ ነቲ ዝተሓሰበ ትርጉም ብተዘዋዋሪ መንገዲ የመሓላልፍ
          • an ironic novel ስሕተት ዝመልኦ ልብ-ወለድ
          • an ironical smile ስሕተት ዝመልኦ ፍሽኽታ
          • with a wry Scottish wit ምስ ቁርጽራጽ ስኮትላንዳዊ ብልሒ

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