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  • divide :separate into parts or portions
    • divide the cake into three equal parts divide the cake into three equal parts
    • The British carved up the Ottoman Empire after World War I እንግሊዛውያን ድሕሪ ቀዳማይ ውግእ ዓለም ንሃጸይነት ኦቶማን ቀሪጾሞ

    • divide :perform a division
      • Can you divide 49 by seven? ን49 ብሸውዓተ ክትመቕሎ ትኽእል ዲኻ?

      • divide :act as a barrier between; stand between
        • The mountain range divides the two countries እቲ ሰንሰለት ኣኽራን ንኽልቲአን ሃገራት ይኸፋፍል

        • divide :come apart
          • The two pieces that we had glued separated እተን ክልተ ኣጣቢቕናየን ዝነበርና ቁራጽ ተፈላልየን።

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