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  • component :an abstract part of something
    • jealousy was a component of his character ቅንኢ ኣካል ገጸ ባህርያቱ እዩ ነይሩ
    • two constituents of a musical composition are melody and harmony ክልተ ኣካል ናይ ሓደ ሙዚቃዊ ድርሰት ዜማን ስኒትን
    • the grammatical elements of a sentence ሰዋስዋዊ ባእታታት ናይ ሓደ ሓረግ
    • a key factor in her success ንዓወታ ቁልፊ ረቛሒ
    • humor: an effective ingredient of a speech ዋዛ: ውጽኢታዊ ቀመም ናይ ሓደ መደረ እዮም።

    • component :something determined in relation to something that includes it
      • he wanted to feel a part of something bigger than himself ካብ ገዛእ ርእሱ ዝዓበየ ነገር ኣካል ኮይኑ ክስምዖ ደለየ
      • I read a portion of the manuscript ሓደ ክፋል ናይቲ ኢደ-ጽሑፍ ኣንቢበ
      • the smaller component is hard to reach እቲ ዝነኣሰ ባእታ ክትበጽሖ ኣጸጋሚ እዩ
      • the animal constituent of plankton እቲ እንስሳዊ ኣካል ፕላንክተን

      • component :an artifact that is one of the individual parts of which a composite entity is made up; especially a part that can be separated from or attached to a system
        • spare components for cars spare components for cars
        • a component or constituent element of a system ሓደ ኣካል ወይ ኣካል ባእታ ናይ ሓደ ስርዓት

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