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  • appreciate :be fully aware of; realize fully
    • Do you appreciate the full meaning of this letter? ምሉእ ትርጕም እዛ ደብዳበ እዚኣ ተማስወሉዶ፧

    • appreciate :hold dear
      • I prize these old photographs ነዘን ናይ ቀደም ስእልታት ኣኽቢረ እየ ዝህበን።

      • appreciate :gain in value
        • The yen appreciated again! እቲ የን መሊሱ ወሰኸ!

        • appreciate :increase the value of
          • The Germans want to appreciate the Deutsche Mark ጀርመናውያን ንዶቸ ማርክ ከድንቑ ይደልዩ

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