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  • actual :presently existing in fact and not merely potential or possible
    • the predicted temperature and the actual temperature were markedly different እቲ ዝተገመተ ሙቐትን እቲ ጭቡጥ ሙቐትን ብግልጺ ዝተፈላለየ እዩ
    • actual and imagined conditions ጭቡጥን ዝተሓሰበን ኩነታት

    • actual :taking place in reality; not pretended or imitated
      • we saw the actual wedding on television እቲ ጭቡጥ መርዓ ኣብ ተለቪዥን ርኢናዮ
      • filmed the actual beating እቲ ጭቡጥ መግረፍቲ ፊልም ጌርናዮ

      • actual :being or reflecting the essential or genuine character of something
        • her actual motive ጭቡጥ ድራኸኣ
        • a literal solitude like a desert ቃል ብቓሉ ከም በረኻ ዝኣመሰለ ብሕትውና
        • a genuine dilemma ሓቀኛ ቅልውላው

        • actual :existing in act or fact
          • rocks and trees...the actual world ኣኻውሕን ኣግራብን...እቲ ጭቡጥ ዓለም
          • actual heroism ጭቡጥ ጅግንነት
          • the actual things that produced the emotion you experienced እቲ ዘጋጠመካ ስምዒት ዘፍረየ ጭቡጥ ነገራት

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